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Original DynaDouche

Current Model DynaDouche


DynaDouche was first released in early 1997. The original model featured a decorative metallic band and an all metal (chrome on brass) handle, hose and diverter. Over the years we have made several improvements both in appearance and function. Gone is the silver metallic band in favor of the sleek, simple look of chrome and in 2011 we replaced the all metal, “slide-style” diverter with a more modern “drum” style  that features a seamless nylon valve to provide years of trouble-free use. Like the old diverter, the new diverter allows the user to simply “dial” the amount of water and pressure that is diverted from the shower to the DynaDouche; regulating both the shower flow and the DynaDouche allowing for each to be used simultaneously.
DynaDouche features a unique ergonomic, form fitting design and "single-stream" technology allowing for unmatched convenience and performance. So unique and effective, it is patented.
Easy to use.  Easy to install.  DynaDouche comes fully assembled and has a limited lifetime warranty.


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